The Ritual

by Satan In Bondage

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After a string of EP releases, Satan In Bondage returns with the follow up to Theater Of The Absurd with The Ritual. The Ritual is Satan In Bondage's fourth full length release. Recorded in Michael Keller's living quarters from June 2011 until September 2012 using a Yamaha AW16g 16-Track Digital Recorder.


released October 30, 2012

Written and recorded by Michael Keller between June 2011 to September 2012 at Over The Woods Productions except where noted.

Lords Of Darkness includes a dialogue sample from X-Files and Anton Lavey.

The Return Of Legion features additional vocals by Calvin Lehrbass.

The Devil You Know features additional vocals by Caleb Riley.

Marooned again contains samples of "Hell Is For Children (Live)" by Pat Benatar.

Dedicated to all of those with big egos.

Extended Edition coming to Compact Disc and Cassette formats soon featuring 5+ extra tracks.



all rights reserved


Satan In Bondage Fountain Inn, South Carolina

Big filthy sounds from a small town.

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Track Name: Psychic Vampires
I will not allow psychic vampires to take my life.
I will not bow down and let them have their way with me.
It's the dawn of a new age of enlightenment.
Light will cast the shadows away from your acts of treason and deceit and expose you for what you really are.
Track Name: Lords Of Darkness
We call in prayer the lords of darkness
Every time that we're in practice
Light the candle and shut the door
We are now one with the underworld

We stand to the north, south, east, and west
Guarenteed to bring the spirit back from rest
Mother earth has left her nest
She knew that it was best

We all have doubts to figure out
Stand in the center to see what it's all about
Chant your chant, dance your dance
Get on your knees to greet the dark prince
There he will kill you with kindness
Making you let go of your prior judgements
Keep your mind open wide
So you will retain the knowledge we let inside
Life is the great indulgence
Death is the great abstinence
And I shall remain my own redeemer
A sinner and my own savior
Track Name: CumSlutGetFuct
well come on baby put your ass up in the air
and show me how you like to get fucked
if i pull harder out comes some hair
you never told me how you like it rough
put your face down and arch your goddamn back
you need to submit and quit playing tough
i can feel your legs start to quiver
while your cuff drips out your muff

welcome to the family you can call me chuck

well i know that we've been toying with the idea for awhile
but i really want put my dick into your vertical smile
Track Name: Lullabye
I'd rather have you grasp your throat on your knees in front of me
Instead of under the sheet in my bed, you see
Go ahead, start crawling back so I can kick in your teeth
I'll go ahead and let out the dogs to prepare for the feast

Sing you a culling song and put you fast to sleep
Sticks and stones will break your bones and these words hurt deep

Highly suggested you don't say the wrong word to me
Or I'll just chant these 8 lines and put you fast to sleep
These incantations in my mind won't let me be
I must get up and be on my way, I have a bloodlust to feed
Track Name: The Return Of Legion
Play your game and you will see that you cannot defeat us
We will conquer every league and spit you out in pieces
We are legion we are many and we don't sign treaties
Run and hide and we will find you when we plague your city
Track Name: The Devil You Know
She sneaks up in broad day light
And she won't leave without a fight

It's the devil that you know that you most fear
It's the devil that you know that you must fear
Track Name: Marooned Again