Demons & Harlots

by Satan In Bondage

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Demons & Harlots is a synth based album in experimentation.

After The Black Tie Affair EP, Michael Keller began drafting new songs that were synth based and contained no string instruments. These songs began to form the album Demons & Harlots. Recording began around late 2012 and most of the original tracks were lost around early 2013 due to a recorder malfunctioning. Songs that were lost due to recorder malfunction include ‘SSDD‘, ‘Six Feet Deep‘, and ‘White Witches At Black Mass‘. Many of the tracks were written for the soundtrack to a horror movie that never came to fruitation. A majority tracks on the finished product were recorded in the summer of 2013 and during the process of mixing, the multitracks to several songs from the original attempt at the album were found and placed on the album as well. The “lost and found” recordings of the original Demons & Harlots album include remakes of ‘Big Brother’, ‘Are You In The Wrong World’, a sequel to the song ‘Burn’ (which originally had more lyrics but the vocal tracks were lost on the additional verses), ‘Out Of Alibis’ (Originally had vocals tracks that were lost as well), ‘Living To Die’, and ‘Escargo’.

There will be a limited 20 cassette release of this album available at shows and eventually on bandcamp.

A reissue of this album with more instrumentation added will be available on a split with Weapon YZ in upcoming months. Demons & Harlots will be paired with Weapon YZ II (featuring live drums) for a special release of both albums.


released October 31, 2013

All songs written, performed, and recorded by Michael Keller except where noted.

Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man contains samples from X-Files.

Escargot features Calvin Lehrbass and Brian Carbaugh.

Are You In The Wrong World written by Dables.



all rights reserved


Satan In Bondage Fountain Inn, South Carolina

Big filthy sounds from a small town.

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Track Name: Spook Show
Come on everybody and welcome to the spook show
Track Name: Believer
Cunt cock clit
Fuck shit bitch
Suck a fuckin' dick
And get pistol whipped
Chit chat klick klack
Bitch nigga get back
I'm alright jack
Keep your hands outta my sack

When you hear my funk rattlin' right out your speakers
Get the fuck up like some goddamn tweakers
Turn up the volume on your reciever
Let me turn you into a goddamn believer

Titty fuck prick
Goddamn dick
Rub your fuckin' twat
And calm down for a bit
It'll be over quick
Don't throw a fit
We're calling in the witch doctor
To cure this shit

When you hear my funk rattlin' right out your speakers
Get the fuck up like some goddamn tweakers
Turn up the volume on your reciever
Let me turn you into a goddamn believer

Alakazam, we're ready to go
The witch doctor spits a wicked flow,
Throws spices all in,
Mixes it with sin,
Stirs up the pot,
And cleanses your ends

When you hear my funk rattlin' right out your speakers
Get the fuck up like some goddamn tweakers
Turn up the volume on your reciever
Let me turn you into a goddamn believer
Track Name: The Musings Of A Cigarette Smoking Man
Track Name: Demons & Harlots
Between the demons in my head and the harlots in my bed,
I don't know when I'll ever get any rest.
A plague upon my mind, time after time,
What I seek is never what I find.
They beckon, I call, got my back against the wall,
My best interests are left to fall.
Mind over matter but my minds been battered,
Come to realize that nothing really matters.
Sit in the dark and listen to the chatter,
While my body withers and the rich get fatter.
Maybe it's all just a string of bad luck,
Maybe I've become to comfortable with getting fucked.
Maybe I should lay down in front of a mack truck,
Maybe I should stack bodies into my trunk.
It doesn't have to be all blood and guts,
But I'm taking these loose ends and tying them up.
No man is an island but bet I'll try,
Live on the farm till the day I die.
Track Name: Living To Die
Track Name: Big Brother (Alternate Version)
big brother is listening so shut the fuck up
your rights are disappearing, wake the hell up
big brother is not your friend, don't believe him
tie bricks to his ankles and watch him swim

big brother is watching, keep a low profile
don't show dissent or get locked up with no trial
once they have you, you'll be gone for a long while
in a cage with no windows and no phone to dial

big brother is tracking your movement, destroy the techonology that lets them do it
they know everything so there's no secrets
they will die if they don't grow
i don't bother locking my door when they know where my fucking keys are

don't bother locking your door, big brother knows where your goddamn keys are
Track Name: Escargot
Track Name: Dabblin'
Track Name: Out Of Alibis
Track Name: Daemon
Track Name: Skeptic (Believer Reprise)
Track Name: Everyone's Dead
Everyone's Dead
Open Your Eyes
Everyone's Dead
Track Name: Are You In The Wrong World (Alternate Version)
Are you in the wrong world
Do eyes look at your smile and tell you for now, how rubbery it is
Do I look at your child and smell you for now, how plastic you've become

Are you in the wrong world
Do colors never make sense, this is red, no man it's fire
A gunshot wound to the head, it's so fucking red
Are you in the wrong world
Do you fall asleep in church but still go anyway
Do you stay awake in your bed no matter what they say
And listen to the music that you hate

Are you in the wrong world
Do you enjoy people sucking your dick?
Do you have a boy sucking your tit?
Does it bring that rubber grin back to your face?

Are you in the wrong world
Cuz last time I checked I was on mars
And I couldn't see just how far but I think I just might stay anyway
With the rocks and the red and my bleeding head it makes me happier to sleep
In my own fucking bed, up here on mars